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Excess 2 sail foiling.jpg

Boom Foiling Adventure


Boom Foiling Adventure

It is not every day you get to experience a sailing experience like this, in fact it is a one of its kind in the world. Come and live the Americas Cup dream, right here on the Coromandel in Whitianga.

Experience what the Team New Zealand crew did on one of their two development boats in the lead up to the San Fransisco Americas cup. Our boat, Excess, is an SL33, and it was critical in testing and design which lead to the big 72 foot Americas Cup foiling cats in San Francisco.

YOU get to experience what its like to get a cat like this up on its foils.

What this trip offers is an all round sailing experience with foil assisted up wind hull flying and running off for some down wind short foiling runs.

Your Skipper and Crew will sail the boat and depending on conditions and ability you may or may not be assigned a small job here and there to help with the sailing of the boat.

NOTE: no sailing experience is required to come on this trip. However all guests must have a reasonable level of fitness and be agile and nimble enough to get up and move around the boat quickly (we don't mean run at high speed from one side of the boat to the other as you would have seen the guys do in the Americas Cup). We require people to be able to move quickly for weight distribution purposes and safety. 

The Boat - Excess

The Boat - Excess

Our boat EXCESS, an SL33 was critical in testing and design which lead to the big 72 foot foiling cats. Excess was designed by Morrelli and Melvin and is 650kg of Carbon fibre and built in 2011. While in both Team NZ, and her last owners custody she was modified heavily in attempts to obtain additional speed and more stability. 


If you watched the last Americas Cup in Bermuda and observed the AC45 catamarans go around the entire race course without touching the water,NOTE: this will be nothing like the experience you will have with Boom Sailing as its simply not possible to achieve this with this boat. (some of the time yes, all of the time no..)


Our boat is 2 design phases prior the most recent Americas cup and much more similar in lots of ways to an AC72 as opposed to an AC45. Our upwind sailing is not fully foiling, it is foil assisted. Up wind sailing gives the clients an opportunity to control the Foils and see how they effect the boats sailing mode.

Team Building Americas Cup Adventure

Team Building Americas Cup Adventure

Sailing is the ultimate team building adventure.  There is nothing better than letting the wind fill the sails and letting nature get you to your destination. Even better when that experience involves  most mind bending technology that the sailing world has ever experienced!

Take your next team day to the next level with an experience to match no other! Get the team working together to get Excess up on its foils. Get to learn how Team New Zealand first learnt to get Excess up out of the water on its foils at warp speed!


What You Need to Know About Foiling

What You Need to Know About Foiling

How it works. ...

-You will meet our chase boat driver at the beach and be asked to go through and sign the waiver form you will see here....., :Please note all guests must sign every clause within the waiver.

-You will be issued with the appropriate gear, for the days conditions being either all or some of.... gloves, booties, sailing jacket, wetsuit, helmet, crash vest. Your gear is supplied part of the trip price. If you have your own gear feel free to bring it along to use.

-You will then head out in our 6.5m Naiad Chase Boat to where the SL33 is located for our foiling session. Throughout the Foiling session our Chase boat stays in the vicinity. If at any time anybody needs a break they can be passed back over to the chase boat.

-After tying along side you will board the yacht and go over the safety plan with the Skipper for the day and be shown around the boat.

-Sailing session duration is approximatly 1.5 hours.

-At the conclusion of the session you will be disembarked back to the chase boat and returned to the beach.

NOTE: Our chase boat is a surveyed passenger vessel. If there is anyone in your group who is not up for sailing but would still like to be part of the day the chase boat is a great option to see the sailing close up and also fit in a little scenery along the way.


Wind Conditions - We are bound by our own in house wind limits which we have set between 7 and 15kts to be able to provide a safe sailing session. We will make contact with clients 24hrs prior to confirm the following days sailing. Guests must be available 2 hours either side of the scheduled time to allow for the wind to either increase or decrease. If at any time during the trip our wind instruments show 15kts to be exceeded sailing will be halted and the conditions assessed.  If the models are cohesive to the conditions we are experiencing real time show the wind to be forecast to recede we will wait for up to 1 hour to resume the session on board.


Booking times- Due to the sensitivity of the conditions required clients are booked in on either an am session or a pm session. The evening prior we will call you to confirm the planned start time. The morning of the sailing we will again call to re confirm. For an am scheduled trip time clients must be available between 8am and 12 noon. For the pm sailing clients must be available between 12 noon and 5pm.


What to expect - The boat is wet. The gear we provide will protect you but in certain locations on board its not uncommon to feel like you are being hit with a fire hose. Expect to get wet.


Cancellations - Boom Sailing reserves the right to cancel any trip at any time for either wind or yacht related reasons. If this is the case you will either be fully refunded or if your travel plans allow, be re scheduled