The Coromandel is Good for Your Soul!

Once you visit you won't want to leave. Golden beaches, open spaces, fresh air, and great food and wine. It does not get much better.

Whether you are just visiting for a limited amount of time or you're a Kiwi wanting to explore the Coromandel a little more in depth, here is our Top Ten Must Do's for The Coromandel

Better still ….. all but two of them can be ticked off with Boom Sailing!


The Coromandel's most popular attraction, Cathedral Cove, is a limestone cave carved by nature over thousands of years which opens up on to the perfect golden beach.  

The best way to get to Cathedral Cove from Whitianga is by boat, which saves a long drive around to Hahei. It also means you can check out the amazing islands and marine reserve just out from Cathedral Cove.

Cathedral Cove forms the iconic landmark on the shores of the Te Whanganui a Hei Marine Reserve. This marine reserve is quickly becoming one of New Zealand's most abundant and is home to schools of large snapper and big crayfish. 

Both Cathedral Cove and Te Whanganui a Hei Marine Reserve are the highlight of our daily 3 hr sailing trips. We anchor up in close to the beach, and you can paddleboard, swim or snorkel ashore.


Getting out into 'The Bay' is definitely a Coromandel Must Do!

The Bay has so many stories to tell, such varied marine life and no day is quite the same. 

Our daily 3 hr sailing trips provide one of the best ways to explore the entire Bay as nature intended! 

Along the way we will visit historic landmarks and tell the stories of Kupe and Capt Cook, as we sail past Wharekaho, Cooks Beach and Shakespeare's Cliff.


From dolphins to orca, blue penguins to gannets, not to mention schools of feeding fish, when you are on the Coromandel you simply have to get out and meet the locals! 

A sailing trip is one of the best ways to do this, with no motor noise you will be amazed at what comes in to say hello!


The Mercury Islands are a large group of islands lying off the northern peninsula of the Mercury Bay. Great Mercury has many lovely deserted beaches to pull up in and relax, while the Red Mercury Islands are protected marine sanctuaries. You could spend a lifetime exploring 'The Merc's and still not seem them all.

We can explore the Mercury Islands on our private sailing charters. We can customise these trips to what you would like to do, whether that be freediving, pure sailing, or mixing it up with some sightseeing and relaxation.


The volcanic group of islands lying to the east of Tairua, the Aldermen Islands, is a well known spot for many Kiwi boaties. The remnants of a volcanic crater these huge bits of rock jut out of the big blue, very close to the continental shelf. Team with marine life, and with huge caves, swim through and caverns it is just a magic place to explore. 

The Aldermen Islands can be reached on one of Boom Sailing's private charters, whether that is a sightseeing trip, or bring your free diving gear for an exceptional day out exploring the underwater domain of 'the Aldies'.


While you are on the Coromandel we highly recommend you visit one of the Coromandel's thermal attractions, whether that be Hot Water Beach, or while you are in Whitianga, visiting the Lost Spring. If you don't mind getting a bit sandy and hanging out with a lot of tourists, then go for Hot Water Beach. If you want something a little more intimate, then the Lost Spring is the perfect thermal get away, especially after a big day of sailing.


While you are on the Coromandel make the most of sampling our local homegrown food, beer and wine. Pretty much every town around the Peninsula specialises in some sort of local homegrown produce, whether that is mussels, oysters, craft beers, wineries, macadamias and so much more. We try and incorporate some of this into each of our sailing trips, and can also guide you to the best spots on land to indulge in some more.


Around the corner from the Mercury Bay you will find out pick of beaches on the Coromandel. We can get to Opito Bay on one of our full day private sailing charters.  When you get to Opito you won't want to leave!


After the early Europeans plundered the Coromandel for gold and kauri - 80% of the Coromanel is now protected as national forest park. While you are here you have to make sure you get into the hills for a big long walk and listen to the birds, as well as hearing the stories of the past, like the kauri felling check out remnants of the huge kauri dams and explore old gold mining tunnels. We don't get into the hills on our sailing trips - but we can point you in the right direction! 


Another well kept Coromandel secret, Slipper Island is a stunning jewel lying off the East Coast. Slipper can be reached on a day sail via private sailing charter south from Whitianga. With a camp ground and lodge on the island we can also provide picks ups from here for some sailing fun, or do a multi day with accommodation included.